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UK? CNC 3020 Plus 500W Wood Router Machine GRBL Engraving Milling Metal Cutting

UK? CNC 3020 Plus 500W Wood Router Machine GRBL Engraving Milling Metal Cutting

UK? CNC 3020 Plus 500W Wood Router Machine GRBL Engraving Milling Metal Cutting   UK? CNC 3020 Plus 500W Wood Router Machine GRBL Engraving Milling Metal Cutting

CNC 3020 Plus 500W Wood Router Machine GRBL Engraving Milling Metal Cutting. A ustria, B elgium, B ulgaria, C zechRepublic, D enmark, E stonia, F inland, F rance, G ermany, G reece. H ungary, I reland, I taly, L atvia, L iechtenstein, L ithuania, L uxembourg, M onaco, N etherlands, P oland. P ortugal, R omania, S lovakia, S lovenia, S pain, S weden, UK.

1x 3020 Plus cnc router engraving milling machine without laser. 6x limit switches board (XYZ both ends). 1x Z Axis Probe tool.

1 x GRBL control board. 1 x 10Pcs Engraving bits. 1 x 2G U disk with GRBL software. 1 x English User Manual.

Package include (with white offline controller). 1 x White Offline controller. Package include (with touchscreen offline controller). 1 x Touchscreen Offline controller.

Package include (with 10W Laser). 1x 3020 Plus cnc router engraving milling machine.

1x 10W laser head with. 1x White offline controller or Touchscreen offline controller (Options).

Package include (with 40W Laser). 1x White offline controller or Touchscreen offline controller (Optional).

Cutting 5-12mm MDF (Wooden Class) ; Feed rate: 300mm/min;Cutting rate: 100mm/min. Cutting the 2-3mm Acrylic: (Acrylic Type); Feed rate: 200mm/min;Cutting rate: 80mm/min. Cutting 1-5mm Aluminum Plate: (Metal Type) ; Feed rate: 250mm/min;Cutting rate: 100mm/min. The body structure of this 3020 Plus CNC engraving machine is made of All-Metal(no plastic parts). It is equipped with 12mm thick solid double-steel linear guide rail and bearing slide rail.

All-metal X-Z axis parts have a vertical stroke of up to 73mm, these designs enable the machine to move faster, with 0.01mm high accuracy and stability. The worktable has an accurate scale line, which is convenient to locate and measure the size of the engraving material. The machine is equipped with an emergency stop and limit switches. The 3020 Plus CNC router is equipped with 500W 48V 11000rpm spindle(with E11 collet), which is more powerful and efficient, and can cut stainless steel, aluminum and other metals.

Small and practical, no problem for using on your desk. Windows XP/Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 / Win 11 (32/64 can be). Aluminum alloy material with fine workmanship show excellence in quality. Very interesting to install and use, perfect gift for engraving DIY enthusiasts. Wide application: can be used for print, hand tools and industrial processing.

Overall size: 46×39×35.4cm (18.1×15.4×13.9inch). Engraving area: 300x200x70mm (11.81×7.9×2.9inch). Control Software: GRBL Control (Candle). Spindle Motor: 500w Spindle DC48V, Max. Stepper Motor: Nema17 stepper motor 1.68A 0.55N.

Power Supply: Output DC48V 10.4A. Support software: GRBL controller(Candle). Add emergency stop button port, tool probe port and XYZ limit port. The spindle supports 0-100% adjustable PWM power.

Support PWM / TTL signal control, power 0-100% adjustable. Increase the power button switch. Support 3-pins module: support 0.5W-40W module. Add the fan port to force heat dissipation. Our parcel include a 2G USB flash drive, you can download the english user manual and GRBL software from the flash drive.

File formats supported by the software. Add the function of limit switches, optimized the limit port and the port connected to the device, making wiring and operation easier.

After installing the limit switch, when the axis moves beyond the travel of the engraving machine, the limit switch will trigger the machine to automatically stop the movement. Add the function of emergency stop button, this function can be used when an emergency stop is required at work, making our work safer and more efficient. The tool setting device is mainly composed of a tool setting block and a feeler gauge to determine the relative position of the clamp to the cutter.

High-quality materials, stable and durable, long service life. High precision, accurate tool setting and high accuracy of output signal position. The bottom is insulated, waterproof and oil resistant, and has strong durability when used. Alligator clips are smooth and flat, clamped on the spindle cutter head, and the clamping force is read well. Suitable for processing wood, acrylic, plastic, aluminum, steel and other materials. This offline controller is equipped with a 2.8 inch LCD touch screen, the touch screen control design of the offline machine can make controlling the engraving machine more simple and convenient. The SD card contains some files for testing, and you can also put the desired files into the SD card. The functions of the touch screen offline controller are the same as the computer's control software, and you can also control every movement of the engraving machine as if you were operating on top of the engraving machine. You can successfully and easily operate the engraving machine without connecting to a computer, greatly improving work efficiency;Just put the project you need inside that SD card, and you can operate the engraving machine via this offline controller. 2.8 Touchscreen LCD Display.

3.743.170.7inch (958018mm). Compatible with 3018,3018 pro, 3018 pro max, upgraded 3018 pro, 3020 plus, 4540 CNC Router. Display Size: 2.8 inch (56.942.7mm). Product Size: 3.743.150.7 inch(958018mm). When connecting to an offline controller for operation, please do not connect the control panel to the PC through a USB cable at the same time, otherwise the following interface will be displayed, resulting in offline unavailability.

When the status display bar displays?? , it means that the offline machine tool cannot recognize the status of the control panel at this time. You need to press the reset button on the CNC machine tool control panel and then restart the offline machine tool. This offline controller is compatible with the GRBL 1.1 controller.

This touchscreen grbl offline controller is suitable for 3018,3018 pro, 3018 pro max, upgraded 3018 pro, 3020 plus, 4540 series etc cnc router, grbl 1.1 controller board, 3 axis milling engraving machines, with good compatibility, very suitable for various engraving carving projects. Can engrave on Wood, MDF, Carbon fiber, PCB, PVC, Leather, Paper, Acrylic, Ceramic products, Food, Bamboo, Plastic, Plywood, Stainless steel, Brass, Plexiglass, Aluminum and so on. If you change the spindle to a 5.5W module, then also can carve the kraft paper, wood, leather(wallet), bamboo, rubber.

Materials: Aluminum alloy + plastic. Head can be rotated left and right to adjust focus, the smaller the focus, the better the effect. The module comes with an aluminum casing and is also equipped with a cooling fan, ensuring the advantage of strong heat dissipation. Low noise, high precision, dedicated for engraving machine. Equipped with a 3-pin plug, plug and play, very convenient.

10W power, can be carved wood, bamboo, paper, ivory, leather, flammable plastic, PCB, ceramic/stone, metal surface paint, metal surface plating etc. Can not work on metal, iron, glass, 201/304 stainless steel, jewelry or silver. Size of Laser Module: 4040150mm. Input Voltage & Current: 12V 3A. Interface: pin (12V, GND, PWM). Features: High speed engraving Max. 5mm, speed: 100mm/min, power: 1000. If you want to engrave glass, please stick glass colored paper first and then engrave. Premium LD-C lens allow the engraver module to form compressed beam spot, mini focus spot size: 0.08 0.08mm, which is with high accuracy, high efficiency and penetration. Cutting up to 4mm thickness plywood in one pass. With eye-protection cover, no need to wear goggle, convenient to use.

All aluminum alloy shell with cooling fan for heat dissipation, light weight and good performance. Cutting speed: cutting 4mm plywood in one pass at a speed of 100mm/min; engraving speed: 304 stainless steel, up to 100mm/min, fast and efficient. Just need to simply connect to the CNC machine with screws and wire to the motherboard then the installation is finished. Compatible with most of the cnc router machine in the market, including cutting machine, cnc engraving machine, DIY engraver, milling machine.

Ctrl: Machine Control; File: Use the Gcode file; Press [Y+] [Y-] to select; Press[Ok] to Enter. X± Y± Z±: Moving Axis. Exit/Step: Change Step/Exit (long press). How to increase the spindle power: After pressing the spindle button, press and hold the OK button and the Z+ button simultaneously to increase the speed. How to decrease the spindle: After pressing the spindle button, press and hold the OK button and the Z- button simultaneously to decrease the speed. Common supported formats include nc. Press [Y+] [Y-] to select file. Press [Ok] to begin if you are ready. Note:Long press [Exit] to stop machining. 11 Offline Controller is optional. Please give us the opportunity to resolve any problem when you have, we concern your problem and we will try our best to resolve it. When you have the parcel, and not satisfied the goods or it is other problem like as broken, pls tell us the detail reason and provide the photos. Item must be in it's original condition and no physical damage. Customer's satisfaction is very important to us.
UK? CNC 3020 Plus 500W Wood Router Machine GRBL Engraving Milling Metal Cutting   UK? CNC 3020 Plus 500W Wood Router Machine GRBL Engraving Milling Metal Cutting